A 5 day workshop
Sedona Arts Center
Spring 2018, stay tuned for dates

928 282 3809
$25.00 materials fee includes all materials

Taught with patience and humor, this course is designed for both absolute beginners and those who wish to enhance their drawing skills. The class explores key techniques of drawing, ways they can be creatively combined, and the bottom line of all drawing, how to see. Using time honored teaching methods, one on one instruction, demos, and general irreverence, drawing will be demystified; making it easy and rewarding to learn to draw in just five days.

the fine art of water and color
A 4 day workshop
Sedona Arts Center
Spring 2018, stay tuned for dates

928 282 3809

GLOW! In this workshop the focus is on color; on creating rich, luminous, glowing color. All waterbased mediums are welcome, however I will work and demonstrate in watercolor, and we will be working with the transparent element of waterbased mediums.
Often colors cannot be matched to what is seen in nature or a photo, the luminousity gets lost. There are many many tricks to recreating this vibrant color, most of them surprisingly simple.
You will learn how to work within your palette to achieve the glow you want. (And we’ll go over the basics of how to work with water and color to create those wonderful watery effects: wet into wet, scumbling, glazing... and more.)

t h e a r t o f b r e a k i n g t h e r u l e s
A 5 day workshop
Spring 2018, stay tuned for dates
($15 materials fee if you don't have your own supplies)

This workshop is not for anyone who wants to remain precious around their work. We’ll throw the paint around, make a mess, create using whatever we can get our hands on, and MAKE IT WORK.
“Understanding how composition functions frees you to create whatever you want; as long as a piece works compositionally it will stand on it’s own authority.”
In plain English: how to make ANYTHING look great.
These 5 days are about how to “make something work”, (and of course have a gas at the same time).
While learning different and fun techniques you will also learn how to use the darks or lights to lead the eye through a page; how to apply the elements of design to create more interesting compositions... and discover for yourself that anything goes once you understand these basic principles.
We will also cover some of “the rules”, (after all it’s hard to break them if you don’t know what they are).
Bring your paints and crayons, glitter and dried leaf collection; whatever you want to work with, your favorite music, and any art work you want help with compositionally.
Please contact Peggy Sands for more information

a c o l o r l o v e a f f a i r
Two 5 day workshops
$550 each, $995.00 for the set

Color is a love affair, and effective color is truly magical. Color creates depth, mood, and atmosphere; when it is used well it makes a direct emotional connection with the viewer, literally stopping someone in their tracks.
How does one create “luminous color” ?
Understanding how the eye functions and how colors interact is the key. In these two five day workshops we will enter into a color love affair.
In Color I we will explore how to create rich, evocative color by playing complimentary colors off each other; by working with unified, harmonious palettes, and by investigating the sublety and influence of neutrals.
In Color II we will take it deeper. One of the most magical things in 2 dimensional art is creating a painting you can walk into. You will learn how to create atmosphere and mood using warm and cool colors, and how to use hue to create depth.

These two workshops cover different aspects of color, and are offered as individual workshops, (though you are certainly welcome to attend both).
Please contact Peggy Sands for more information

Learn to draw in four 3 hour sessions
$200, includes all paper

The Drawing Without Fear Crash Course was created for those who don't have the time to take a full fledged drawing workshop, yet want to learn to draw; as well as those who want to test the water to see if drawing is for them. The DWF Crash Course offers the basic tools and know-how to master drawing, if one is willing to work with them.
Taught in four 3 hour sessions over 2 weekends, the course covers basic drawing techniques, how to see, and will babystep you into the world of drawing.
Attention: this is a crash course. There will be homework; to truly master drawing you will need to work on your own.
Bring a pencil, a sharpener, an eraser and yourself.

creating the life you want
A 1 day workshop
9 am - 5 pm
Materials are included, (except your unique pictures).

The Vision board is a powerful and delightful way to create your reality
Vision boards are pictoral representations of what you want your life to be. The language of the unconscious mind is visual; the images the unconscious mind holds is what it creates, which is your life. By looking at your vision board
you ingest your vision of what you want, and lo and behold,
over time you will see this happening in your life.
The process of making a vision board is incredibly clarifying: which pictures you choose, which you don’t choose, where you put the pictures on your board... all these things reveal unconscious attitudes we carry.

‘Mind creates matter; if we don’t know what’s in there
we will not be in control of what we create.’ –RB

Create your vision board with an artist who will guide you through the ins and outs of this most easy, fun and fabulous way to shift your world.
Please contact Peggy Sands for more information

a series of four intensive 5 day workshops
designed to teach the basics of all 2D art.

I have noticed that many students emerge from
a workshop either mimicking the style of the workshop’s instructor, or worse, they don’t continue painting because they don’t know what to do.
The instructor has led the participants through
a step-by-step process of how to make a particular painting, but didn’t teach anything about the basics
of how to paint. Thus, without the step-by-step process they are lost.

The Foundations of Creativity Series is about
the BASIC UNDERLYING PRINCIPLES of the visual arts. These are timeless and scientific… how the eye sees, how color works, how composition works, opening your creativity …how to get started…
In these workshops, via drawing or painting, a lot
of laughing, and hands on experiential learning
you will learn to apply these principles to your work,
and incorporate them in the way you create.
You will create your paintings as you would like them to be, following your own creativity and style, incorporating what you learn from an instructor into YOUR style, rather than copying theirs.

There is a lifetime of things to learn here, but I broke it down into four basic workshops:

learning to see. The essential basic.

t h e a r t o f b r e a k i n g t h e r u l e s
how to lead the eye around a page. Ultimately
if the composition works you can get away
with anything.

a c o l or l o v e a f f a i r
all about color... in two parts;
pushing color to its limits, and
then some… luminosity, depth, tone, mood….

time honored methods to streamline your
creative process. Get in touch with
and fine-tune your creative flow.

You are welcome to take any or all of these 4 workshops; the only prerequisite is drawing, (not necessarily my drawing class).
The maximum number of participants in all but the drawing workshop is 14 people, to insure lots of one on one attention.
Please contact Peggy Sands for more information


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